Try Dive - indoor diving tower

Course module
* Try Dive - indoor diving tower - in Liberec, Czech Republic

Age limit
* 10-127 years

Minimum requirements
* good health - completed health questionnaire before the start of the course

Certification after the course
* NO valid certificate - just commemorative certificate of diving in the diving tower

Maximum diving depth
* 8,5 meters

Course type
* Sports and recreational course
Diving with at least one diving partner - "buddy".
"Buddy" is the worldwide name for a diving partner

Course / lesson section
* theoretical blocks of diving lessons according to the presentation
* indoor water diving with diving device

Type of teaching
Theory + practical part

* theoretical blocks of diving instruction

* indoor water with diving device

Course equipment
* complete diving equipment - rented by diving school
* diving ABCD - mask, snorkel, fins, neoprene boots - rented by diving school
* diving device, i.e. regulator (two I. stages and two II. stages - primary with a hose length of 210 cm and secondary suspended on rubber under the chin), inflator hose, console, buoyancy control device (BCD), integrated weight system and a filled tank with air - rented by diving school

Course length
* the course takes place within 2 hours, maximum time in the water is about 20 minutes

Lecturer support
* Diving Instructor + Supervisor, i.e. Divemaster or Assistant Instructor or Assistant Divemaster
* the course is led by experienced diving instructors who focus on clear and safe training

The TRY DIVE in indoor DIVING TOWER is one of recreational courses 
from a wide portfolio of recreational, technical, medical, meditation, but also children's courses offered by our
Diving Education Society
training agency.

And in this spirit, your course will take place.


And now hurray below the surface!
Come with us to experience unique moments that you will not experience on dry land.
Who tastes, wants more - become part of our party!
An Try Dive course is prepared for you, which will open the door to your life under the water surface, into a completely different world of fresh and salt water.
Experience encounters with joyful dolphins, dignified sharks, manatees, nicknamed sea cows, elegant manta rays, endangered turtles and many other creatures.
It's not enough to just dream.
Sail between wrecks and corals, explore caves, admire the beauty under the water, see the underwater world even at night - you must experience it!
All this under the professional guidance of our instructors with an emphasis on your safety.
Completing our courses is about travel, not about one goal, but about the experience and joy of diving.
We are looking forward to share experiences with you!
Your DES team

Exclusive Try Dive price includes
* theoretical part of teaching
* rental of complete diving equipment
* entrance fee to the pool and diving tower
* min. 20 min under the water surface
* the assistance of an instructor or divemaster
* certificate of completion

Conditions for participation in the diving tasting
* from the age of 10 with parental consent
* good health - at your discretion
* desire for adventure

We teach
* how to balance the pressure in the middle ear - so that the ears do not hurt when moving at a deeper depth
* how to breathe properly from diving regulator
* how to defog a misty diving mask under the water
* how to communicate underwater using diving signals
* and many other useful skills

Course content
* introductory briefing, positive motivation, energization of the organism
* introduction to the basic points and limits of the lesson and course
* forms of underwater communication - signals and wetnotes
* positive relaxation, preparation for practical exercises
* assembly - "equipment" of the diving device, subsequent check of the correctness of the assembly, complete set for diving
* dress up - "clothing" of the diving device by the diver, methodology, practical demonstration, repeated exercises
* buoyancy control device ("wing" or "jacket") - the basic element for the vertical movement of the diver
* exercises with an inflator (air regulator in the buoyancy control device), air filling, air release. Positive, neutral and negative buoyancy
* breathing training with a diving device and regulators - exercises on the surface, with the head immersed in water
* submerged immersion training
* pressure equalization in the middle ear
* work with diving "shower" - II. Stage of regulator
* practice taking the regulator out of your mouth and returning back to your mouth
* work with the mask - flooding the mask, clearing the mask, free breathing
* trim - explanation of the term
* divers kicks
* final debriefing

Pregnant women are not allowed to dive.
Alcohol and narcotics must not be consumed before diving.
Painkillers such as brufen, ibubrufen, etc. must not be taken for at least 2 hours before the diving.
During the try dive, we will explain why we do not recommend the use.

We offer Try Dives for groups and for corporate groups.
You can complete Try Dives with us according to your wishes in the
Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Egypt, Malta etc.


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