First Aid Diver

Course module
First Aid Diver
It is recommended to combine the course with the Oxygen Administrator course

Age limit
15-127 years

Minimum requirements
* OWD certification or equivalent
* for teenagers, the consent of a parent or legal guardian

Certification after the course
* globally recognized certification of First Aid Diver 

Course type
* Special Diving Courses
Diving with at least one diving partner - "buddy".
"Buddy" is the worldwide name for a diving partner

Course/ lesson section
* theoretical lessons according to the documentation - manual or presentation - with a minimum length of 4 hours
* the basis for the theory is the recommendation of the European Resuscitation Council Guidelines (ECR)
* final theoretical exam with a minimum requirement of 80% passing score
* theoretical course without diving
* during theoretical lessons, there is an unlimited number of participants per instructor
* the validity of the course is limited to 2 years followed by retraining

Type of teaching

Mandatory equipment for the course
* resuscitation manikin
* defibrillator
* personal protective equipment - gloves, disinfection, etc.
* ambulatory bag
* medical backpack

Course length
* minimum length is 4 hours of theoretical blocks

Lecturer support
* the course is led by experienced diving instructors who focus on clear and safe training

The First Aid Diver course is one of the specialized courses within our training system
Completion of the First Aid Diver course is a prerequisite for participation in other diving courses from the portfolio of technical, medical, meditation, but also children's courses offered by DES.
In our First Aid Diver course manual you will find all the necessary information for diving and also everything related to scuba diving for advanced divers.
All topics have a logical sequence, so that your learning is easy to remember and understand.
And in this spirit, your course will take place.

Course process
* introductory briefing, positive motivation, energization of the organism
* introduction to the basic points and limits of the lesson and course
* first aid legislation
* diagnosis of a diving accident with subsequent evaluation and commencement of first aid according to DAN - Diver´s Alert Network - recommendations
* basics of quick neurological test
* demonstration and training of CPR on a manikin
* work with defibrillator
* list of hyperbaric decompression chambers for the treatment of diving accidents
* final debriefing


* upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an internationally valid
diving certification of the First Aid Diver

First Aid Diver certification entitles you to
* provide First Aid to divers 

Self-study before and during the course
You will find all study materials in the e-learning section of the website
We offer training program for closed and corporate groups.
You can complete training dives with us according to your wishes in the
Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Egypt, Malta etc.


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