Cavern Diver

Course module
Cavern Diver

Age limit
16-127 years

Minimum requirements
* 50 dives in open water, of which 10 dives in the range of 25-30 meters completed and confirmed in Logbook
* at least 10 night dives
* AOWD certification or equivalent
* good health - completed health questionnaire before the start of the course
* completed Logbook
* for teenagers, the consent of a parent or legal guardian

Certification after the course
* globally recognized certification for diving in Caverns

Course type
* Special Diving Courses
Diving with at least one diving partner - "buddy".
"Buddy" is the worldwide name for a diving partner

Course / lesson section
* theoretical blocks of diving lessons according to the documentation - manual or presentation - with a minimum length of 6 hours
* open water diving with diving device with a minimum range of 2 dives, where the dive must last at least 60 minutes bottom time
* exercises in closed water - in a cavern - with a diving device with a minimum range of 3 dives, where each of the dives must last at least 60 minutes bottom time
* final theoretical and practical exam with a minimum requirement of 80% passing score
* by completing the course, the diver should understand the meaning of team diving, effective crisis management with regard to safety, fully understand their own equipment, know their limits, work with line, light, move in a hardy environment, practice diving in zero visibility and much more

Type of teaching
Theory + practical part

Practical teaching with diving device - mandatory diving equipment for the course
* diving ABCD - mask, snorkel, fins, neoprene boots
* diving equipment appropriate to the conditions in which the training will take place - dry membrane or neoprene suit, hood, gloves
* diving device, i.e. regulator - two I. stages and two II. stages - primary with a hose length of 150-210 cm and a secondary suspended on rubber under the chin), inflator hose, manometer, buoyancy control device (BCD), integrated weight system and pressure tank filled with air or nitrox (up to 40% oxygen content)
* diving computer
* cutting tool
* underwater compass
* two diving lights - main and backup
* main reel with a minimum coil length of 100 m
* backup reel (so-called safety reel) with a minimum coil length of 30 m
* arrows to indicate line navigation
* wetnotes or writing board

Course length
* weekly cycle with a time distribution (even for several weeks), according to the current situation and the possibilities of the course participants

Lecturer support
* Diving Instructor + Supervisor, i.e. Divemaster or Assistant Instructor or Assistant Divemaster
* the course is led by experienced diving instructors who focus on clear and safe training

The Cavern Diver course is one of the specialized courses within our training system
Completion of the Cavern Diver course is a prerequisite for participation in other diving courses from the portfolio of technical, medical, meditation, but also children's courses offered by DES.
In our Cavern Diver course manual you will find all the necessary information for diving and also everything related to scuba diving for advanced divers.
All topics have a logical sequence, so that your learning is easy to remember and understand.
And in this spirit, your course will take place.

Course process
* introductory briefing, positive motivation, energization of the organism
* introduction to the basic points and limits of the lesson and course
* positive relaxation, preparation for practical exercises
* for open lessons, the limit for one instructor is 4 participants per dive course
* for lessons in open and closed - in a cavern - water, the limit for one instructor is 3 participants of the dive course
* all dives completed must be non-decompressed with the maximum ascent speed 9 m/ min.
* gas consumption management is required, which is ruled by the rule of thirds, i.e. one third for descend, one third for ascend and one third is a reserve
* for dives to depths deeper than 10 m, a safety stop is made when surfacing at 5 meters for 3 minutes
* the maximum depth of the first dive in open water is 18 m and none of the following dives must exceed a depth of 21 meters
* a maximum of 2 dives can be performed in one day with a minimum surface interval of 2 hours
* minimum visibility of 12 meters at the entrance to the cavern
* diving indoors only in daylight
* final briefing

* when creating artificial psychological pressure on your person, you will know what stress can do to you and thanks to that you will react in real situations according to the priorities learned in the course
* the course will emphasize simplicity and efficiency, which is very important in cave diving
* it is necessary to realize that cave diving is the most difficult form of diving, and therefore the course will be extra demanding to master all the prescribed skills
* the difficulty of the course corresponds to the following certification levels: cavern, cave, technical cave
* the instructor strives to change the view of diving so that it is safe and always with a return, where you can raise your head above the surface
* this course is intended for divers who are interested in diving mainly into cenotes, where the cenote is always visible on the other side

* upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an internationally valid
diving certification of the Cavern Diver

Cavern diver certification entitles you to
* dive in the Caverns, i.e. mainly in Cenotes

Self-study before and during the course
You will find all study materials in the e-learning section of the website
We offer training program for closed and corporate groups.
You can complete training dives with us according to your wishes in the
Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Egypt, Malta etc.


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