Course module
* Snorkeling

Age limit
* 10-127 years

Minimum requirements
* good health - completed health questionnaire before the start of the course

Certification after the course
* NO valid certificate - just commemorative certificate of snorkeling course

Course type
* Sports and recreational course

Course / lesson section
* theoretical blocks of snorkeling lessons according to the presentation
* indoor/ outdoor snorkeling
* do you already see yourself as a diver, even though you are only in the moment of being enchanted by the sea world?
* snorkeling can be one of the ways to get to dream diving
* as a part of the course, we will lend you complete ABC equipment (mask, fins, snorkel) and you will also have the opportunity to become part of a testing team of innovations in the recreational snorkeling segment

Type of teaching
Theory + practical part

* theoretical blocks of snorkeling

* indoor/ outdoor snorkeling

Course equipment
* diving ABC - mask, snorkel, fins
* swimsuit

Course length
* the course takes place within 1 day - about 3 hours of theory and practice

Lecturer support
* Diving Instructor 
* the course is led by experienced diving instructors who focus on clear and safe training

SNORKELING is one of recreational courses 
from a wide portfolio of recreational, technical, medical, meditation, but also children's courses offered by our
Diving Education Society
training agency.

And in this spirit, your course will take place.


We teach
* how to balance the pressure in the middle ear - so that the ears do not hurt when moving at a deeper depth
* how to breathe properly from diving regulator
* how to defog a misty diving mask under the water
* how to communicate underwater using diving signals
* and many other useful skills

Course content

The theoretical part
* basic diving signals
* proper use of ABC - mask, snorkel fins - preparation before snorkeling
* balancing the pressure in the middle ear so that the head and eardrums do not hurt
* work with the breath, safe holding of the breath - proper breathing technique

Practical part
* clearing of a diving mask under the water
* pressure equalization in the middle ear
* movement under water - kicks
* use of snorkeling tube (snorkel) and much more...

The dates of snorkeling courses are individual according to the mutual agreement with the instructor.

We offer Snorkeling for groups and for corporate groups.
You can complete Snorkeling with us according to your wishes in the
Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Egypt, Malta etc.


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